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Podcast with Pauline Sauvage

Pauline, On-demand CFO and Business Advisor at Novisto, talks about values and transmission. Building teams is never easy especially when you are supposed to stay for a short period in a company. Pauline is convinced that it's one key to empower, motivate people but also to find success.

pauline sauvage

About Pauline

Pauline Sauvage is a full-stack CFO dedicated to helping Tech companies scale, by building great finance teams, raising funds (from series A to C), running transactions or bringing her business vision to the table. Most recently, she was the Interim CFO for Backmarket, an innovative and fast-growing Next 40 Company that operates a marketplace for refurbished smartphones and electronics devices. She was responsible for building a Finance, Legal and Payments Team (from 2 to 30 people) that fitted the Company culture all the while helping to raise massive funding rounds.

Women in finance

Focus on the human factor

In this podcast, Pauline talks about the importance of human values at work. Transforming a team and then a company cannot be done without Human. For her, the main role of leaders is definitively to carry the team and impulse the vision around, even more in Finance.

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