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Podcast with Olfa Zorgati

Olfa, CFO & EVP Operations at ESI Group, shares her vision of the current work environment and talks about the inequalities between women and men. But thanks to the open new generation, things are changing fast.

olfa zorgati

About Olfa

Olfa Zorgati is a Financial Executive with a broad experience both in consumer facing branded industries (E-commerce & Media) and SaaS enabler businesses (Tech). She is a transformational and data-driven manager who has worked in high profile roles for global multi-billion euro companies and entrepreneurial businesses delivering outstanding results in these pressurised environments. Olfa excels in building and executing strategic business plans and implementing new technologies to impact growth and contain costs. Finally, she worked in Europe and in the Silicon Valley.

Women in finance

Recruit on the potential, not on the background

In this podcast, Olfa talks, with openness and transparency, about how it’s exactly the work environment for women today. The movement where she is actively involved is now not only a women battle but more a society one where everybody has to put effort to achieve gender equity and diversity. For Olfa, the new generation is changing the face of finance, but not only.

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