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Podcast with Margaux Gregoir

Margaux, VP Finance at Luko, talks about diversity in business and how it is a strength for women but most generally for any business with strong ambitions.

Margaux gregoir

About Margaux

Margaux Gregoir is VP Finance at Luko since 2020, the number one InsurTech in France and Europe. Before entering Luko she was inspector at Société Générale for 4 years and at the Ministry of Finance as a General Inspectorate of Finance for 5 years. At first, finance was not her field of choice but once Margaux started working in finance she never left.

Women in finance

Create diversity in your team is key

In this podcast, Margaux talks about the importance of diversity in business and especially in the finance area. If it’s generally agreed today that women should have a greater place in leadership to create better balance, she admits that a shift is taking place right now and is happy to actively participate to it. And as diversity also shows that management must be adapted to each personality, she is giving her advices to follow this movement.

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