Lucie De Antoni

Launched in 2021, Jenji Talks already has several seasons behind. The whole concept would not have existed without its host, Lucie de Antoni. Take a glance at her path.

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From Head of Marketing...

After intense marketing experiences at AirPlus, the financial subsidiary of Lufthansa Group, and the e-commerce platform HRS Group, Lucie joined Jenji at the beginning of 2021. Her role consists of overseeing all aspects of Jenji's marketing, experience, and brand communications across all markets. Lucie is responsible for linking the company's innovations, products, and services to build Jenji's brand awareness, strong demand, and loyalty across all channels.


... to podcast host

Lucie began to show interest in the FinTech world throughout her career, noticing, however, a lack of content regarding the players and other themes that are often overlooked in that sector. Initially developed as a video format and shortly after integrated podcasts into its list, Jenji Talks focuses on "Women in Finance," an essential topic for Lucie, which motivated her to take on the role of podcast host and become a key figure in the series.