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Interview with Sonia Ouaksel

On the theme People & Tech, Sonia Ouaksel, CMO at Batch, explains how customer engagement is essential for any type of business. To set up good relationships, you have to consider them differently, be memorable to engage your client, and increase loyalty. If technology is today the main driver to create engagement, Human still remains at the center of any process.

Sonia Ouaksel

people & tech

About Sonia

Sonia Ouaksel is an expert in customer experience and customer relations, she has worked with some of the largest CRM software companies (Neolane, Adobe, etc.) and was for nearly six years Director of Customer Experience at Contentsquare. Today Sonia is CMO at Batch, working closely with customers to design the offer that will meet their expectations and challenges of tomorrow. Sonia is also responsible for building a community of users and ambassadors, creating strong links between them so that everyone learns from each other.

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I'm Sonia Ouaksel. I'm really passionate about customers. I've been working in Customer Relationship for twelve years now and today I'm the CMO of Batch. Our customers are marketers and we provide them with the right platform to engage and make their own customers very loyal. Whatever their brands, platform, or services, our customers want to deliver the right experience to their users by delivering the right customer journeys through elegant messages.

Responsiveness & Loyalty

To me, customer engagement is the result of everything you put in place to generate responsiveness and loyalty from your customers. So in B to B, it means being able to create conversations, generate more business, and transform your own customers into ambassadors.

Engagement & Recommendation

In B to C today you have a lot of noise, a lot of competition, and the attention span is getting smaller and smaller. There really is an urgency to create customer engagement. Now if you look at B to B, and you compare different final products, we all have the same level of quality. That is why you really need to create something memorable for your customers to retain them. Today we are in a world of subscriptions, you can gain new customers very fast, but you can also lose them. It’s very important to create something particular and to have a special relationship and engage human people. This is one of the reasons why it’s urgent and critical to creating this customer engagement.

Perception & Connection

I think there is a difference between customer experience and customer engagement. Customer experience is the perception of your customers who are exposed to your different touch points. And customer engagement is really the connection that you are able to establish between your customers and your brand.

User & Experience journey

Today, in the B to B industry, if you want to create engaging experiences, you need to be different and memorable from the very beginning of the relationship that you create with your prospect and then your customer. You can think about creating a really virtuous circle by taking feedback and integrating some of this feedback into everything that you optimize in your product or services. For example, at Batch, we have launched a loyalty program that rewards our customers when they are engaged. So it's not based on transactional but really on engagement and so it encourages our customers to be more and more engaged and loyal.

Technology & Human

Technology is everywhere, but it's not the ultimate goal. Technology is just an enabler of everything that you create and it's the support of all the programs that you can create and execute for your customers. For example, if you want to talk to 1000 customers, technology will provide you with the right tool and the right solution to do it. But in the end, what will create free engagement is the human in front of other humans.

Customer & Conversation

To me today a massive trend that we see coming is the comeback of customer versus prospect. It means putting a lot of effort and resources into loyalty versus acquisition. Also, what we see is that we want to create one-to-one conversations so that we want to talk to human beings versus personas.

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