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Podcast with Elodie Hadjidakis

Elodie Hadjidakis, CFO at Habiteo explains how education influences our behavior, whether it's school or family education. Regardless of the path, people with willingness and strength are able to reach success.

Elodie Hadjidakis

About Elodie

Elodie Hadjidakis is the CFO at Habiteo, a Proptech company, which offers a platform and 3D marketing tools for new real estate to enable the future buyer to project himself into living, and working in a new environment to be built. She has been a CFO since she was 27 years old by joining 360Learning, an Edtech company, where she had the chance to lead significant fundraising of 43 million euros, to accompany the hypergrowth of the Company. Before that, she began her career at Ernst and Young, in Audit and Transaction services, where she acquired the analytical basis for her current job.

Women in finance

Know your worth and fight for it

In this podcast, Elodie explains how a certain lack of communication around women working in finance influences their decisions. As a result, women are less likely to choose finance because they are not sufficiently informed about it.
For Élodie, resilience and persistence are the keys to facing this challenge and changing the way education influences future choices.

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