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What We Learned from Experts in Jenji Talks interviews

The five highlights of the first season


In 2021 a lot has changed in the world of SaaS. SaaS solutions are definitely taking over the world and penetrating all spheres of business. Jenji Talks thought about it and produced a video series with five experts from the technology industry to share their experiences. Due to a series of interviews with leaders and entrepreneurs, Jenji Talks explored current tendencies in finance and technology, as well as what the modern workplace means for the people who occupy it.  Our goal was to look behind the scenes of the technology industry and see the real humans, who are driving the whole process and pursuing their dreams. 

Picking some favorites is way too difficult, but we are sharing a few key lessons learned from our experts of the first season:

Lesson #1

The existed barriers to remote workforce are lifted

HeyAxel, Arnaud Weiss, CEO & Co-founder

Arnaud weiss

“The COVID crisis removed the barriers that used to prevent telework until now. On the one hand, the adoption of collaborative platforms, on the other hand, is the barrier that business leaders have outgrown the belief that telework means less quality work. And if we look at the studies, we can see that during the first lockdown employees' productivity increased by 22%. It is obvious, that these barriers are lifted. “


Lesson #2

The finance sector can’t ignore the ecological transformation

PayGreen, Etienne Beaugrand & Nicolas Weissleib, Co-founders

Etienne & Nicolas

“Today impact products are becoming genuine must-haves. With the market evolving towards CSR policies and eco-responsibility, it makes sense for companies to meet these expectations and add environmental impact into account of their activities.“


Lesson #3

Do not be afraid of hard work if you want to build your business in Fintech industry 

AML Factory, Charlotte Gaudin, Founder & CEO

Charlotte Gaudin

“It is a real challenge to build a tech business, especially if you are not tech-savvy yourself. You will be required to wear about fifteen different hats when building the company, handling HR, accounting, and so on. So you need to be able to learn very quickly.“


Lesson #4

The alignment between HR and Marketing is fundamental for any business

UKG, Selma Chauvin, VP International Marketing

Selma Chauvin

“It is important to see the alignment between external and internal. The first point to your customers isn’t your marketing department, but your customer service for instance. If these employees are not engaged or happy within the company, all your marketing efforts are ruined.“


Lesson #5

The passion and commitment, living and breathing the project 24/7 is a part of every entrepreneur’s DNA 

Paris&Co, Louise-Marie Véron, Startup Development Director

Louise Marie Véron

“All entrepreneurs are different but there are few things in common- resilience and stubbornness. When you first launch your project, there is always someone telling you it has been done before and it didn't work. So first of all it is important to believe in your project.“


Looking back at the first season of Jenji Talks and reading the experts' key lessons, it is not a wonder anymore that in 2021, the average number of SaaS apps used per organization stood at 80. Because behind every technology there is a human with a driven passion to build something new.  Jenji Talks is created to show you that the entrepreneurs do not only think about the logical benefit but also are aware of the ‘psycho-logical’ reason – the real reason for building the technology. 

Does it sound interesting to you? Did you get curious? We have good news for you! You can check the newest episodes now.

The second season covers many different topics, and one of them is  “Women in Finance”. The Jenji Talks team is lucky to present some awesome guests already planned for this season. The whole series of interviews will be provided with transparent and personal conversations with women experts, who will be sharing their learnings: how to build a career in finance and get over pain points or opportunities along the way.  

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