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Women in Finance : Advices, mentorship and community

Women in the finance industry are underrepresented. Although things are changing, finance is still a male-dominated industry, which creates challenges and barriers for women who want to pursue a career in finance. 

However, we believe that women are uniquely positioned to bring skills, expertise, excitement, and passion to the finance industry. More women in finance will make a positive impact in the field. 

That’s why we keep talking about gender equality in the finance sector. The Jenji Talks Podcast: Women in Finance is dedicated to building a community of women where they can share experiences, stories, and advice.

Here’s what to expect from the podcast, some important lessons we’ve learned, and where you can find the podcast. 

A Community of Women

This podcast is more than just interviews. It’s a community of women who are interested in the finance industry and want to support each other in it. 

We bring in women who are experts in their roles and have overcome challenges to reach influential positions in the financial field. Through conversations on the podcast, we gain: 

  • Insight into how they achieved their positions of influence in the financial field
  • Tips and advice about how to overcome challenges
  • Inspiration from their stories about how to keep growing and learning
  • Practical wisdom about how to navigate the financial sector

The most important part of this podcast and community, though, is showing other women that they have a place in the financial industry. Just because there are not as many women as men doesn’t mean they should shy away. Through our community, we can inspire and empower more women to pursue a career in finance. 

Lessons from Jenji Talks Podcast

We’ve had a wide variety of guests on the Jenji Talks: Women in Finance podcast. They hold positions such as VP of Finance Operations, CFO, Business Advisor, and Senior VP Finance & Tax, among others. 

Not only do our guests have a variety of positions, but they come from a variety of backgrounds. Different countries, sectors, career backgrounds, and goals—it’s a very broad set of experiences. 

We’ve learned a lot in our conversations with a diverse group of women. Some of the biggest lessons from the podcast include:

The evolution of the finance sector

What’s happening in finance right now? Overall, it’s changing rapidly, with some companies taking gender equity very seriously and others not. The finance industry is also impacted by economic and workplace trends, too, which affects women entering the field. 

Some of the big trends we discuss include:

  • Challenges for women in finance
  • How companies are embracing diversity
  • What needs to change to bring more women into the financial sector

Equality in finance

We know that women are underrepresented in finance. A 2021 global report found that women held just 21% of board seats, 19% of C-suite roles, and 5% of CEO positions. 

Though these numbers have been increasing over the last few years, it’s still not where it needs to be. When it comes to gender equity, there are a few important points of conversation: 

  • How companies can embrace gender equity
  • If quotas are an effective way to achieve equity
  • Increasing awareness of the importance of gender equity 

Challenges faced by women in finance

Every job has its own challenges, and the financial industry is no exception. Because of the challenges inherent to working where males are more represented than women, this is a big topic of conversation on the Jenji Talks: Women in Finance podcast. Each of our guests has had their own challenges to overcome, such as:

  • Reaching the next level of your career
  • How to overcome imposter syndrome 
  • Balancing work and life responsibilities
  • Navigating a male-dominated field

The importance of mentorship

We’re all about building a community of women and mentorship is a huge part of that. Women supporting women is the best way to achieve gender equality and empower women in the world of finance. 

Mentorship is known to be effective in all industries. One report found that 93% of mentees found the relationship useful and identified top development areas as expanded professional networks, boosted relationships, and more confidence. 

Mentorship has many benefits, including:

  • Exposure to new opportunities and connections
  • Practical advice and support to make career moves
  • Moral support and encouragement through challenges

Learn to dare and stand up as women

The last major theme of our podcast is to learn how to “dare to lead” and step out of your comfort zone and take some career risks. It can be overwhelming to enter a new position or a new industry, like finance. It can also be scary to step into a field where there are few women. 

That’s why it’s important to overcome imposter syndrome through action. Take the next step, find a community to support you, and dare to lead! 

Listen to Our Podcast

If you’re a woman in finance or are interested in entering the field, we invite you to join our community of strong women. You can listen to the Jenji Talks: Women in Finance podcast on any of your favorite platforms—check it out here: 

As you listen to the interviews, be encouraged by these women. Their experiences and stories provide both practical and inspirational advice. 

Jenji Talks: Women in Finance is a community that’s looking to change the world of finance. We hope you join us!