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Welcome to Jenji Talks Adventure

How were Putting Humanity Back into Business

We live in a rapidly evolving world. Companies are constantly changing and rapidly adjusting to their environments. They must transform their activities, products, processes, and services to support their customers and communities. 

In the past, companies often focused simply on their products and services. But they have the potential for more than that—they have the potential to support positive global change. 

How? By focusing on humans. 

As shared by Lucie de Antoni, Head of Marketing at Jenji, the goal of Jenji Talks is to “bring the human back to the heart of discussions.” Jenji Talks does this by connecting with leaders and experts in their field to learn about challenges they face, how they’ve overcome them, and how the human experience is core to global change. 

What is Jenji Talks?

At its core, Jenji Talks is a dialogue, with experts, industry leaders, and women in finance. They share, encourage, and inspire listeners. Jenji Talks revolves around people and wants to know how people are changing the world through their current position and projects. 

Jenji Talks interviews professionals from many backgrounds but focuses specifically on the areas of SaaS and Fintech. Though fascinating, these fields are highly technical and allow you to connect with the heart and humanity of these industries and leaders, showing how anyone can bring change.

These are the three focus areas of Jenji Talks: 

  • B2B Fintech: Interviews with CEOs of successful CEOs to highlight their best practices and the impact of financial technologies around the world.
  • People & Tech: Interviews with experts in different sectors to explore trends and help people break into the industry.
  • Women in Finance: Interviews with successful female leaders about their challenges in the industry and thoughts on changing work environments. 

These three topics are explored through two different channels: videos and a podcast. Let’s look at each further. 

Videos: B2B Fintech and People & Tech 

Jenji Talks has already interviewed so many amazing leaders and it's just getting started! The video series highlights the current business world through interviews with leaders, CEOs, and founders in the B2B Fintech and general technology industries. 

Some of the recent guests include founders of software companies, heads of marketing, and a start-up development director. 

From them, Jenji Talks explore themes like:

  • How new technologies change the way companies operate (interview with Alexandre Louisy).
  • The impact of digitization in the workplace and its implications for HR and management (Selma Chauvin). 
  • What it means to be an entrepreneur (Louise-Marie Véron). 

These are leaders and experts in their field for a reason. They’ve gone through struggles and challenges but came out the other side to build successful careers. And through their stories and experiences, Jenji Talks can inspire others to do the same. 

Podcast: Women in Finance 

Despite things changing in the industry over the years, women in financial roles still face some unique challenges and frustrations. That’s why the Women in Finance Jenji Talks podcast is dedicated to hearing their stories and learning from their experiences. 

On the Women in Finance podcast, discover exclusive interviews with women who hold roles like the VP of Finance Operations, CFO, and Senior VP of Finance and Tax. 

Through these conversations on the podcast, learn lessons such as:

  • How to dare and step out of your comfort zone (podcast with Muriel Avignon). 
  • How recruiting should be based on potential, not background (Olfa Zorgati).
  • How creating diversity on your team is essential (Margaux Gregoir). 

These interviews are designed to inspire women to both enter the world of finance and succeed in it. By learning from other women, society can start making significant positive changes to the industry.

What You Can Learn from Jenji Talks 

Jenji Talks believe in lifelong learning, both for personal growth and to build your career. And while you can learn by going back to school or taking a course, one of the best ways is to learn from other people! 

And because Jenji Talks is about how humans make a global change and want to center the stories and experiences of our guests in every conversation. From these interviews with industry experts, you’ll learn about:

  • Changes in the work environment, include topics like diversity, ethics, and habits or behaviors. 
  • The impact of new and emerging technologies
  • Experiences and lessons from experts in the field, including their career path, struggles, and promotions. 
  • A variety of roles and companies in the fields of B2B Fintech, finance, and technology. 

Jenji Talks aims to both inspire and educate you—that you’ll come away with practical knowledge and the motivation to apply it. 

Follow Jenji Talks 

If you’re ready to join Jenji Talks adventure! Here are the places you can find us online: 

  • Jenji Talks website for our videos, podcasts, guest profiles, and more information about Jenji.
  • Jenji Talks YouTube channel, for our videos and podcasts.
  • Jenji Talks Spotify or Google Podcasts for our podcast episodes.
  • Jenji Talks LinkedIn page for more information, relevant industry news, and a place to connect. 

Jenji Talks wants to hear from you! If you have a suggestion for our next guest—or want to be a guest yourself—make sure to submit the contact form on the website to let us know. 

Jenji Talks is a community. We believe in the power of conversation, stories, and overcoming challenges to learn more about what makes us human and how it can change the world. The Fintech industry is not just numbers and figures—it’s people looking to have an influence on how we do business and support each other.