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People & Tech: meet the humans behind the tech

Technology is always changing. It changes the way we work, the way we live, and the way we interact with other people. 

The COVID19 pandemic has accelerated many of the technological changes in our workplaces, accelerating things at a pace never seen before. Any company that was “low-tech” before the pandemic cannot afford to be any longer.

And in between all this technology are people. People who invent it, refine it and use it to do their best work. Without people, technology doesn’t make a difference. It’s how we use technology. That’s why we created Jenji Talks videos. They’re designed to highlight the current business world and explore themes of people and technology through interviews with founders, managers, and experts in their fields. Here’s what Jenji Talks videos are all about, and some key takeaways for the future of technology from our guests. 

What are Jenji Talks Videos? 

Without people, what is technology? And, without technology, who are people? 

Living in an increasingly digitized and virtual world, we have to live harmoniously with technology to live, work, and communicate. There is always some cultural fear around new and unknown technologies, but they are essential to furthering goals and visions. 

Companies are using technology in creative and innovative ways to bring positive change to this world. This is what Jenji Talks explores—the power of technology to transform by focusing on supporting humans. 

Jenji Talks videos interview experts in their field to understand some of these latest technological innovations. But it’s not just about the technology—it’s the people behind it that truly matters. Through hearing their stories, we can be inspired to change the world ourselves. 

The Humans Behind Tech Experts

Tech experts can often be most comfortable with technical jargon, back-end solutions, and numbers or figures. But they’re humans—not machines. They have goals, ambitions, dreams, and values. And they’re leveraging technology to achieve them!

Jenji Talks videos has interviews with many experts in the field, including:

You can click on each name to watch their full interviews and read on below for some of the key takeaways and lessons. 

How is Tech Changing the World? 

How technology is changing the world is a big topic, which is way too broad to answer it here. Instead, we can learn from experts and leaders in their fields. From personal and professional stories, we start to understand some of the trends and impacts of technology. 

Here are a few of the takeaway lessons from our guests about how technology is changing the world—both present-day and in the future. 

Current Tech Sector Evolution

Increased integration

The onset of the pandemic and the switch to telework was challenging for many companies that were not accustomed to virtual communication. As companies pivoted and found new solutions, though, there was increased integration. 

For example, Selma Chauvin spoke about a new platform and way for employees to have their questions answered by the HR department. It streamlined the process and ensured that everyone had information they needed. 

Arnaud Weiss also spoke about integration in his company, particularly how they adopted virtual collaboration tools while empowering employees to be autonomous in their roles. 

Innovation and Creativity

Not only did the pandemic require companies to start doing their old work in new ways, but it also pushed people to develop innovative and creative new solutions altogether. Technological growth is always rapid, and there’s never been more innovative solutions than there are today. 

One example of this is UNICEF’s of blockchain to store data like birth certificates, diplomas, or personal records through, as shared by Clara Goldscheider. Data storage is a big issue in many companies, so leveraging this new technology is a positive solution to the problem. 

Louise Marie Véron works with entrepreneurs as her full-time job. Her company provides support, resources, and advice to entrepreneurs so they can reach their goals. Through her experience collaborating with them, entrepreneurs are keen to change the world through creativity and innovation. 

Future Growth Areas in the Tech Sector 

Equality and Access

As digitization continues and new technologies emerge, equality and access become important topics. Arnaud Weiss discussed how the pandemic exposed the disparity in access when it comes to telework—some people were equipped to do it and others were not. 

Clara Goldscheider echoed this comment. Through her work in UNICEF, her team is committed to increasing access to technology for those who do not have it. This means increasing connectivity abilities and leveraging new technologies like blockchain. 

Safety and Security

Increasing digitization also requires a stronger focus on safety and security. There are two main ways this should be looked at. First is cybersecurity. In her work, Aurélie Clerc supports start-up companies that focus on cybersecurity. She emphasizes how important this work is in an ever-increasing digital world, where more data is being shared, increasing risk everywhere. 

Another area of security and safety is how we interact with technology. Clara Goldscheider shared about the education they’re doing through UNICEF, to help children be safe on the internet and how to deal with issues like cyberbullying. 

Discover More: Jenji Talks Videos

These are just a few of the amazing insights from the Jenji Talks videos. These experts and leaders in their fields all have fascinating insights into how technology and people work together hand-in-hand to make positive changes. 

If you want to be inspired, learn about technology, and grow in your understanding of how to leverage it for the better, check out Jenji Talks videos. We know you’ll be motivated and eager to keep developing in your own field and make a positive impact on this world.