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Through a series of interviews, recognised experts will introduce some of the challenges they have been and are currently facing within their field of expertise. The key question that all Jenji Talks' speakers have in common is how the Human is part of global change.

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A new vision

Companies are constantly and rapidly evolving in this ever-changing environment leading them to modify their activity and processes. Both professional and inspiring, Jenji Talks' aim is to change our environment by giving a voice to those who frequently face challenges while highlighting current topics.

A human touch

At its heart, Jenji Talks revolves around people and human experience. Through interviews, the main objective is to show how people are changing the business world and which mindset brought them to their current position or to achieve specific projects. Jenji Talks goes beyond industry expertise to focus on the origin of the latest evolution: humans.

One concept, two format

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Interviews on camera: BtoB Fintech and People & Tech. Two major themes related to the Human. Founders, Managers, and Experts share their vision and explain how tech is transforming our modern time.

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Interviews behind the microphone: Women in Finance. Exclusive discussions with successful women working in finance. Passion, expertise, and excellence are on the menu of our podcasts.

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A thematic approach

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B2B Fintech

CEOs of successful FinTechs discuss their businesses and their practices, as well as the impact of new financial technologies on the world.

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People & Tech

Experts from different sectors examine trends and help people break into the complex Tech industry.

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Women in Finance

Successful females working in the finance field talk about their professional journeys and share their thoughts on the changing environment.

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People & tech

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Sonia Ouaksel, CMO at Batch, explains how customer engagement is essential for any type of business. To set up good relationships, you have to consider them differently, be memorable to engage your client, and increase loyalty. If technology is today the main driver to create engagement, Human still remains at the center of any process.

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